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Apollo 11 In Real Time

50 years!

Apollo 11 In Real Time shows "A real-time journey through the first landing on the Moon -- This website consists entirely of original historical mission material...

Included real-time elements:

  • All mission control film footage
  • All TV transmissions and onboard film footage
  • 2,000 photographs
  • 11,000 hours of Mission Control audio
  • 240 hours of space-to-ground audio
  • All onboard recorder audio
  • 15,000 searchable utterances
  • Post-mission commentary
  • Astromaterials sample data

A non-interactive YouTube video feed:

Hello Germany

I shall be in the Munich area towards the end of the month between the 25th-30th. I would love to hear any advice from any sifters in the area as to what to do with my time. Im sure the group of people I am going with will have some plans but Im not much for following a group. So I would love any suggestions on what I need to see while Im there and also would be open to a little siftup if any one would like to meet a bottle of bleach. Either way Im sure to enjoy my time there and appreciate any suggestions you Europeans may have.

Hello Germany

I shall be in the Munich area towards the end of the month between the 25th-30th. I would love to hear any advice from any sifters in the area as to what to do with my time. Im sure the group of people I am going with will have some plans but Im not much for following a group. So I would love any suggestions on what I need to see while Im there and also would be open to a little siftup if any one would like to meet a bottle of bleach. Either way Im sure to enjoy my time there and appreciate any suggestions you Europeans may have.

Would Like Some Help

I posted this video the other day:

and came back to find that it had been determined to be a dupe. I realize there is another video on the sift which is exactly the same footage, however, the video I posted had been tracked with authentic sounds of the period rather than some filler background music.

Can this be revisited, please? Here is the attending information as to the authenticity of the sounds employed in this version:

Post Effects:
This version of the film has been digitally stabilized to remove jitter.

Sounddogs, Youtube,, Wikipedia,,,, Prelinger Archives.

Automobile sounds are all either Ford Model T, or Model A, which came out later, but which have similarly designed engines, and sound quite close to the various cars show in the film. The horns are slightly inaccurate as mostly bulb horns were used at the time, but were substituted by the far more recognizable electric "oogaa" horns, which came out a couple years later. The streetcar sounds are actual San Francisco streetcars. Doppler effect was used to align the sounds.

Thank you.

Some People Just Shouldn't Travel

I got a kick out of this. Thought I would share. (thanks @Lann)


1. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local convenience store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.”

2. “It’s lazy of the local shopkeepers in Puerto Vallarta to close in the afternoons. I often needed to buy things during ‘siesta’ time — this should be banned.”

3. “On my holiday to Goa in India , I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food.”

4. “We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our own swimsuits and towels. We assumed it would be included in the price”

5. “The beach was too sandy. We had to clean everything when we returned to our room.”

6. “We found the sand was not like the sand in the brochure. Your brochure shows the sand as white but it was more yellow.”

7. “They should not allow topless sunbathing on the beach. It was very distracting for my husband who just wanted to relax.”

8. “No-one told us there would be fish in the water. The children were scared.”

9. “Although the brochure said that there was a fully equipped kitchen, there was no egg-slicer in the drawers.”

10. “We went on holiday to Spain and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish.”

11. “The roads were uneven and bumpy, so we could not read the local guide book during the bus ride to the resort. Because of this, we were unaware of many things that would have made our holiday more fun.”

12. “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England . It took the Americans only three hours to get home. This seems unfair.”

13. “I compared the size of our one-bedroom suite to our friends’ three-bedroom and ours was significantly smaller.”

14. “The brochure stated: ‘No hairdressers at the resort’. We’re trainee hairdressers and we think they knew and made us wait longer for service.”

15. “There were too many Spanish people there. The receptionist spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish. No one told us that there would be so many foreigners.”

16. “We had to line up outside to catch the boat and there was no air-conditioning.”

17. “It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy or unruly guests before we travel.”

18. “I was bitten by a mosquito. The brochure did not mention mosquitoes.”

19. “My fiance and I requested twin-beds when we booked, but instead we were placed in a room with a king bed. We now hold you responsible and want to be re-reimbursed for the fact that I became pregnant. This would not have happened if you had put us in the room that we booked.”

btw is a post like this allowed on the front page of sift talk? I thought there had been a discussion but i cant recall the outcome.

And then I woke up in China

Jet lag is a hell of a drug.

2012 has been a pretty incredible year for me. I spent the first half of it in beautiful Quebec City, then returned to my native Halifax, Canada, only to spend the summer preparing for a bigger move--to Beijing. I arrived there with my wife only two nights ago. We will be working in a English language high school just a short walk from The Forbidden City.

We're still getting adjusted to the 11-hour time difference and have been hard at work getting things done to get settled. We haven't done any touring, or even made the walk to nearby landmarks. The air in Beijing is humid, and there is much less wind than I am used to.

Right now I'm using the (not very fast) hotel wi-fi. I am quite pleased that I can access the sift, though my experience will be crippled by the Great Firewall. Many of the websites I frequented before are also a no go. The blog I had set up to document my year here is blocked. We may try to find a way around all that, but not before we have an apartment set up. At least I can still use instagram...

Last week, we flew from Halifax to Vancouver, where I was faced with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains kissing the Pacific Ocean. I was sad to leave that place, but excited to take the sky-train back to the airport. One 8,500km flight later, we walked off the plane, through Chinese customs and spent the night in the hotel set up by our school. The next morning, I woke up, and I was in China.

passports for kids

Has anyone ever applied for a US passport for their kids?

We're leaving the country for summer vacation and I'm trying to get them a passport. Apparently, the passport office wants ALL parties listed on the birth certificate present when applying. This is a problem. Assuming I could even find their father (and I probably could if I put a little effort in, given he isn't on a bender or back in the state asylum), it would be physically dangerous to do so. No one on the phone is the least bit helpful. Anyone know a loophole?

AIRPLANE, a melodrama! No humor!

Not embeddable so I share it in here: from

"There is an apocryphal story of Groucho Marx meeting the Pope.
On being introduced, the Pope said 'Thank You Mr Marx for all the humour you have put into the world.'
Groucho replied 'And thank you for all the humour you have taken out of the world'.

'Airplane, a melodrama!' is a Hollington & Kyprianou re-edit of one of the funniest films of all time with all the gags taken out.

Running time 14 minutes..."


Well, I just noticed the sift has a talk section and I thought maybe some of you would enjoy this piece I wrote. It's the second part in a series of short stories I call "Autobiography", comments appreciated:

I felt winter’s harsh breath on my neck, we all did. The ship had been sailing through the broken glacial wasteland for weeks now. In what appeared to have been the first sign of dementia among the crew, Frederick, my first mate, had to be restrained to his bed the previous night after going into a fit of screams that kept the crew from whatever sleep they could manage.
I was not surprised. The food had been rotten for days and some of the men had resorted to drinking sea water. I had kept an image of confidence in my daily proceedings; the sight of the captain at the helm seemed to put some at ease. But my spirits were faltering and I knew that if such was the state of my mind that the crew were surely much further along in their despair. I would not have feared mutiny for our journeys together had brought us each close to one another and many a time was my boys’ loyalty tested. Yet I knew that soon their broken wills will have made mutiny the preferable outcome, any chance of survival would have to see each of them with renewed faith.
I contemplated the solution for hours in my chambers, when the decision was made I had asked the cook to gather the men on the deck. As they all stood there patiently I emerged from my quarters, walking among them with a piece of rope I had kept for such a need, their pleading eyes were gnawing at my heart. I passed them, knelt next to the mainmast and mumbled a quick prayer.
As I finished removing my pants and tying my hands to one of the hooks I turned my head and gestured, inviting each so seek his relief in my body. The men understood eventually and took their turns in making love to me, after several hours or so they seemed content.
I untied myself but left the pants where they were, the crew quarters was my next destination, I had not forgotten about Frederick. As I clawed my way on the wooden stairs, slipping over the bodily fluids oozing from various orifices I understood the meaning of captaincy, I knew history would remember me as a leader of men.

"Travelers" held in Iran

Yeah, these three travelers share something alright, a profound stupidity worthy of being selected against by evolution...

Who in their right mind thinks that hiking along the Iran/Iraq border as an American is advisable?

Seriously, I have no compassion for these idiots. Iran can keep em as far as I'm concerned.

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